Video Production

Do you want a promotional video? Do you want a video explaining the products in detail? Do you want an educational video to teach the employees?K.M Tomyam will be able to provide you with any kind of video that is easy to understand and most importantly, unique. We will be able to create the video in multiple languages including, Japanese, Thai, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Lao, French and many more.

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Video Production Process

1. Discussion

We will listen to your request and discuss what we can do.

2. Plan and construction

We will do our best to satisfy the customers’ request. We will propose a plan for professional point of view.

3. script draw up

From the previous plan, we will come up with a script. Once the script is solid, we will make a preliminary inspection of the filming location.

4. Filming

We ask the customers to be at the filming and check and make sure everything is running as planned.

5. Pre-editing

Before editing the whole video, we will do very brief editing and ask the customers to have a look. This process can also be done online. Most likely there will be rough narrations to go with the video.

6. Narration recording

We will record the narration in a studio. If possible, we ask the customers to be present at the recording studio to go over details.

7. Editing

In the main editing process, we will include things that we discussed from pre-editing. We also ask the customers to check the product at this stage.

8. MA

We will add the recorded narration and other soundtracks to the completed video.

9. Media preparation

Once the product is done and the customers are happy with it, we can make other mediassuch as DVDs and tapes.

10. products delivery

* The above is a general process. There may be some changes and differences to the process. For further details, please contact us.

Here is a 3 minute video clip that explains what K.M Tomyam do.


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