What do you want to do with a website? Do you want to use it for marketing? Do you want to use it for recruitment? We, K.M Tomyam, will listen closely to your needs and requirements to create the appropriate website just for you.


*** Why you have a website?

Currently,Internet is a communication system that quickly and easily to access all the world's organizations, both public and private companies. It is necessary to have a website to facilitate the public inevitably Moreover, in order to expand our business throughout the world. Because the site is one that releases the cost is not high, but the news was spreading fast as the other relations.

*** Benefits of the website you can get.

• Dissemination of information products and services to people.
• Facilitate customer access to services of business or organization quickly.
• Help promote your business and increase sales for the business.
• Help enhance the image to provide stylish and good for corporate companies and business.
• Reduce the cost of the advertising business.
• Enhance the competitiveness of business.

*** Web Design Services

Our website design services. In addition to the beauty and uniqueness. Website design without the requirement of the customers satisfaction in terms of content, information, products and services with other companies. It is also designed to support the SEO of the website as well.

*** SEO Services

We still adhere to the principles of SEO or Search engine optimization is to make a website ranked as the best of the results in the search engine names such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. When people search the keywords related to your product or service. People can found your website the first page of the search engine result in increased business sales and viewers.

*** Improve website before and after the sale.

We offer advice on how to make a website with the customer and after sales service. And maintain about the system and website every time. Make sure that your website is the most secure.

*** In addition, customers can also edit the more information on their pages whenever you want. ***

*** We can do languages: Thai | English | Japan ***


Here is a 3 minute video clip that explains what K.M Tomyam do.


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