Daisuki Japan

“Daisuki Japan!” Ready, Go!! The travelling TV program presents unseen experiences in Japan. We are open for all tourists for both who used to visit Japan and first-time travelling. We cooperate with Thai people who love and live in Japan in order to gather helpful information. Then we have adapted and shared such information into the form of vivid TV program, Facebook fan page, YouTube and website for every tourist. Let’s follow our trip on “Bright TV channel 20 (satellite channel 30)”, every Sunday 07.00 – 07.30 AM.


DaisukiSamuraiJapan Tape 1

DaisukiSamuraiJapan Tape 2

DaisukiSamuraiJapan Tape 3

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“Longrakyeepun” Daisuki Hokkaido

We have cooperated with Japanese organization to manage the Thai-Japanese TV program. K.M.Tomyam Co., Ltd. manages a very systematic planning and processing to create high quality TV programs. We have joined with Roots of Japan, local company in Sapporo, which assisted and cooperated with local connections in Japan in order to gather helpful information for TV production. “Daisuki Hokkaido” or “Longrakyeepun” presents numerous interesting and unique spots in Hokkaido which is different from other traveling TV program in Thailand.


Longrakyeepun Tape 1

Longrakyeepun Tape 2

Longrakyeepun Tape 3

Longrakyeepun Tape 4

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